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Data processing


Special SERP certified software is required to sort your postal codes and calculate the postage. Bundling and delivery codes are assigned and enable the mail to be prepared to Canada Post's specifications, which integral part of getting the reduced postage. The initial step is to identify the type of message you are sending out, which determines the postage rates.

Addressed Admail solely an advertising and promotional product. As such, mailings containing nonpromotional material will not be acceptable as Addressed Admail. Visit Canada Post's Mail Preparation for more information.

Dimensional Admail Advertising material that is thicker than " promoting your product or service.
Types of promotional material in this category are boxes, videos and samples.

Publications Newspapers, magazines and newsletters containing information of interest as opposed to an advertising newsletter.

Business Reply Mail Card or envelope that is used by your prospects or customers to reply to you with their order, donation or other type of response. You pay an annual fee plus postage on items mailed back to you and there is no minimum.

Unaddressed Admail A database is NOT used in this category. Delivery is determined by choosing a postal area in Canada as opposed to a specific address. Volume depends on number of houses or businesses in a chosen area, therefore the 1,000 minimum does not apply. Types of advertising material in this category are flyers, brochures, samples. There is a basic rate to residential and a premium rate to businesses.

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