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BMR Group's reputation for providing quality lettershop services in the National Capital Region is unmatched. We offer a wide range of lettershop services from inkjet personalization, inserting and tabbing to on site postal verification and drop shipment logistical services. Our team of production experts will work diligently to ensure your direct mail campaign is mailed on time, as agreed upon and within budget.

Our lettershop services include:

Inkjet Personalization For speed and quality, BMR Group has state of the art, high resolution inkjet printers that can process high-speed variable data including variable graphics on any paper stock. Our capabilities allow us to print from one to six inches of variable print including spot color.

Inserting Our specialized inserting systems offer flexibility to accommodate your lettershop project. Our systems can manage various combinations of insert size and quantity as well as a variety of envelope sizes to include #10, 6 x 9, and 10 x 13. Inserts can be non-folded, pre-folded or folded prior to inserting. We can also collate or nest your inserts. BMR has 6 (up to 10X13), 8 (up to 9X12), 10 and 12 station machines.

Matching/Auditing BMR has invested in the state of the art camera system to ensure your mailing is 100% accurate. BMR can produce reports to show each piece was read by our systems and delivered to Canada Post.

Folding Our capabilities in folding include sheet sizes to 20.5 x 33; folding options include roll-fold, tri-fold, half-fold, Z-fold and right angle fold. We can also perf sheet inline, which is cheaper then outsourcing and less stock is damaged during the manufacturing process, saving both time and money.

Tabbing Our tabbing equipment automatically tabs mail for automation and security. BMR lettershop can affix self-adhesive stamps, tabs or wafer seals during the imaging of the piece. Most folded self-mailers are single or double tabbed with inch translucent tabs and include a perforation.

Metering BMR lettershop offers in-line and off-line metering to handle presort and Canada Post needs. We include weigh-on-way and off-line metering for mail piece sizes 3 x 5 to 10 x 13.

Handwork For jobs requiring a personal touch, our dedicated lettershop staff will skillfully hand assemble your special project, including hand-matching personalized letters to their envelopes. From the simplest tasks to the expertly hands on matching of each mail piece, BMR is committed to quality and excellence.

Handwriting For jobs that require the look of not being processed by machines, BMR offers automated penmanship, it is done with a machine using a real pen. This is 100% data driven and unlike a human it never makes a mistake with your data provided.

Logistics Drop shipping and timing are critical elements to most direct mail projects. Our computerized lettershop scheduling assures constant monitoring of each phase of your mailing from entry into the lettershop to post office delivery.

“Big enough to get the job done, small enough to care.”


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Anything you receive in the mail, BMR can do.

   John Rumble,
             VP Production

Automated Handwriting
Automated Handwriting
High speed insert with camera matching