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Data processing

Data Processing

BMR Group has been processing data since it opened its doors to do business. It is with this background in Data Processing that we have developed our personalization and lettershop skills. Data Processing is the least tangible service we offer - yet it's one of the most important aspects of Direct Marketing and Personalization.

Our Data Processing services include:

Database Design – For speed and quality, BMR Group has state of the art, high resolution inkjet printers that can process high-speed variable data including variable graphics on any paper stock. Our capabilities allow us to print from one to six inches of variable print including spot color.

Database Management – Provide custom database programming in Access, Visual Basic, and SQL. Our experienced staff can design a database for in house use by our customers or we will design and maintain your database at our facility. Our programmers also provide customized reports from either a database or our customers' raw data. In addition, we can provide statistical analysis. Data can be massaged to provide detailed management reports showing pertinent patterns, preferences and other marketing data.

Data Entry – Our staff delivers skilled data entry services with accuracy and speed. Our key only accuracy rates consistently average 95% or better. Free up your company's valuable resources and outsource your data entry to BMR Group. We'll handle all your tedious data entry tasks with expertise and efficiency. Over 20 years in the industry has provided our operators and programmers the opportunity to start and complete a significant number of varied projects. This experience has given us the opportunity to develop an exceptional combination of data entry experience and programming skills. One of our strengths is our willingness to share this expertise with our customers.

Merge/Purge – Duplicate names can be a source of confusion and a waste of marketing dollars, eliminate this waste of resources with confidence. BMR has the ability to optimize your mailing lists and data quality using sophisticated algorithms tailored to the intricacies of your data. BMR’s Merge/Purge identifies and eliminates duplicate records quickly and accurately. As the customer, you have the flexibility to determine the strictness of all matching criteria, specifying the sophistication used to identify the duplicate records within your data.

DNC (Do Not Contact) Suppression – The Do Not Contact Service enables individuals to reduce the number of marketing offers they receive by mail, telephone and fax. Consumers register to have their names removed from marketing lists held by members of the Canadian Marketing Association. As a member of the Canadian Marketing Association (CMA), BMR adheres to the privacy guidelines and practices established by the CMA. Using our In-House proprietary systems, these records can be suppressed or flagged against your customer database or a prospecting / telemarketing file.

NCOA (National Change of Address) – Canada Post estimates that 1.7 million Canadian individuals and businesses move each year. As an authorized Canada Post Mail Service Provider, BMR Group's Canadian NCOA (National Change of Address) service keeps your lists accurate and up-to-date, giving you:

  • Improved lists with updated address information for Canadian movers

  • Improved data accuracy

  • Lower mailing costs

  • Reduced undeliverable mail

  • Eliminated waste

BMR Group will match your list against Canada Post's NCOA database, and provide you with updated address information for any matches. This ensures that your mail reaches the intended recipient, even after they have moved.

Address Correction – Address correction standardizes your address, city, province and postal code data. Spelling mistakes and formatting errors are automatically fixed, and a status code is appended to indicate which changes were made. We execute this on a duplicate set of your data and never overwrite your existing data unless you tell us to.

“Big enough to get the job done, small enough to care.”


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Data is not rocket science, it just needs to be done correctly.

   Mark Hoare,
             VP Data Solutions